customize homepage

Here is a guide how to setup your Homepage to looks like the Home pages of our premium themes demo:

I. Upload and Activate Your Premium Theme from Us

The first step is to upload the theme you have already purchased from us and activate it on your WordPress website – Install WordPress Theme contains all of the necessary steps. If you haven’t installed and activated a premium theme from us, please follow the steps from the tutorial first.

II. Setup Testimonials, Clients, and Projects

All of our Premium Themes come with three built-in post types: Clients, Testimonials, and Projects. If you are not sure how to add new clients, testimonials, and projects, you can check this tutorial: Clients, Testimonials, and Projects.

III. Theme Settings

There are a few Theme Settings that need to apply to make your HomePage looks same as once from the demo website:

1) Log in to your admin panel and navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Customize

2) Open ”Home Page’ Section

3) Uncheck ‘Display Latest Posts’ and ‘Display Sidebar’ checkboxes

4) Upload image for ‘Homepage Columns Background Image’

5) Check the ‘Homepage Columns Background Image Fix Position’ checkbox

6) Click on ‘Save & Publish’ Button

IV. Initialize Widgets

The homepage includes many widget areas (Homepage Columns, Homepage Above Columns, Homepage Below Columns, etc.)

Navigate to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets, then:

1. Add ‘Recent Projects’ widget to ‘Homepage Above Columns’ widget area. In ‘Number of Projects to show’ add some number i.e. 10

2. Add ‘Testimonials’ widget to ‘Homepage Above Columns’ widget area. In ‘Number of testimonials to show’ enter some number i.e. 10


3. Add ‘Clients’ widget to the ‘Homepage Below Columns’ widget area. In ‘Number of clients to show’ enter some number i.e. 10

That’s all. Now your homepage looks like the demo pages of our Premium themes